NBE offers Lock Solutions Designed to provide the highest level of security and protection to secure your assets.  We offer Locks for all Equipment that will need to be secured. Including:

  • Vault Doors
  • Safes: Cash, Receiving, Mule
  • Lockers: Teller, Cash, Coin, Surplus
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Undercounter Steel
  • And More…


NBE is fully equipped to complete all Installations, Relocations, and Removals of wide range of types and styles of locks.

  • Manual Locks: S&G, LaGuard
  • Electronic Locks: Kaba Mas, S&G, LaGuard
  • TimeLocks: S&G, Diebold, Mosler, TMI, Kumahira, LeFebure, Yale, Rench
  • Undercounter Locks: Fenco, Korden, Diebold


Our professional team of full service technicians have the knowledge and training to complete all Servicerelated requests.

  • Combo Changes
  • Lock resets
  • Lock Malfunction
  • Keypad Malfunction
  • Safe or Locker Drill
  • Replacement Lock
  • Dial or Ring issue