NBE provides a wide variety of Safes and Lockers, allowing us to Design and fabricate custom solutions for all applications.   Including the expertise to restore your existing equipment.  NBE is fully equipped to complete all Installations, Relocations, and Removals of new or used safes and lockers.  Our professional team of full service technicians has the knowledge and training to complete Service requests ranging from:

  • Issues with Doors, Hinges, bolts, or shelves
  • Leveling Safe or Door
  • Lock out, Complete Drill
  • Lock repair or replacement
  • Alarm contact

Our technicians are equipped with all tools, equipment and inventory needed.  NBE also provides full Cleaningof your safes and lockers.

NBE’s selection of new and used safes include:

  • Cash Safe
  • Safe Deposit Box Safe
  • Night Depository Safe
  • Mule Safe, Receiving Chest
  • Mule Safe
  • Jewelry Safe

UL Rated indicates our products quality and certification of safety.

TL Rated safes that offer protection against combinations of mechanical, electrical and cutting tools.

            TL-15: 15 minutes Attack Time

            TL-30:  30 minutes Attack Time

NBE’s selection of new and used Lockers include:

            Teller Lockers

            Cash and Coin Lockers

            Cash Tray Lockers