NBE’s Full Service Repair Technicians have over 50 years of industry experience, are crossed trained in multiple equipment areas, and have a network of support to supply the highest level of customer service. NBE provides our technicians with what they need to deliver an experience that goes above and beyond clients expectations. NBE employs technology to ensure efficiencies in our mobile fleet, using the latest in call technology, dispatch software, and field service software. This allows NBE to provide clients with the fastest possible response time, increased productivity and enhance our customer experience.

NBE’s Full Service Repair Technicians are fully equipped to successfully complete standard and emergency calls, including:

Parts and Equipment

Tools and Supplies

Training and a network of Support

NBE’s Full Service Repair Technicians are crossed trained in a wide range of bank equipment, including:

– Vaults/Vaults door

– Safes, Cash, Receiving, Jewelry, Specialty

– Night Depository, Head, Mule Safe, Receiving Safe

– Lockers, Teller, cash, coin

– Safe Deposit Boxes, hinges, locker

– Lock, Manual, Electronic

– Remote Transaction Systems, Retail, Commercial

– Deal Drawer

– Audio/Video Systems

– Traffic Annunciators

– Security Systems, Devices, programming

– Surveillance Systems, DVR, NVR, Cameras, Encoders

– Undercounter Steel

– Traffic Sensors

– Access Control

NBE’s Full Service Repair Technicians are able to provide repair and support a large verify of manufacturers, Including:

– American Vault

– Audio Authority

– Napco

– Costar

– Diebold

– ComCo

– Hamilton

– Mosler

– Korden

– Fenco

– Kaba Mas

– LaGuad

– Sargent & Greenleaf

– Eagle Pneumatic

– LeFebure

– Lane

– Bavis


– Trilogy

– Kantech

– Keri

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