–NBE understands that controlling employee and customer access to physical areas within your business is an important aspect of maintaining a safe and secure workplace environment.

NBE’s team of professionals has a broad range of experience working with all the major manufacturers, and more.

We deliver expert system installation, maintenance and service in the following areas…

  • Standalone or Integrated Systems– Networked access control systems for a single location or multiple facilities across the country.
  • Time Delayed Access Systems– For safes, ATMs, and access solutions, configured with random and predefined countdown periods.
  • Biometrics– Fingerprint, facial and palm recognition, iris, and retinal scans.
  • Global Software Management– System administration application, to set authorization only to those individuals with proper clearance.
  • Systems Administration– Including network-based and LAN/WAN utilizing T1 and DSL connections.
  • Network-Based Administration– Monitor and manage video, audio, and control information.